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Server Commands

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General Commands:

  • @go <city name|number>: Warps you to a city.
  • @npc <name>: Jump to any featured NPC.
  • @rates: Displays the server's current rates.
  • @noks: Protect you from being Kill-stolen and show the KSer's name.
  • @dailies: Displays your daily reward calender.
  • @iteminfo <item name|ID>: Shows item info (type, price etc).
  • @mobinfo <monster name|ID>: Shows monster info (stats, exp, drops etc).
  • @whodrops <item name|ID>: Shows who drops an item (monster with highest drop rates).
  • @whereis <monster name|ID>: Shows monster info where they spawn.
  • @storage: Open your storage.
  • @storeequip: Puts all your equipped items in storage.
  • @storeit: Puts all your inventory items in storage.
  • @gstorage: Open your guild storage.
  • @restock: Automatically refill your restock list from your storage when its out of stock.
  • @autorefresh <value>: Allows you to auto-refreshes your character in time.
  • @security: Secure your account from doing any transaction.
  • @settings: Configure any commands you want to toggle when you logged-in.
  • @packetfilter <value>: Disable/Enable packets to be shown from the client.

Looting Commands:

  • @autoloot <on|off|#>: Makes items go straight into your inventory when you kill a monster.
  • @autoloottype + <type name>: Manage a list of autolooting item types.
  • @alootid + <itemname|ID>: Enable you to automatically loot items specified in this command.

Vending Commands:

  • @autotrade: Allows you to vend while you are offline.
  • @jts: Jump to vendors name.
  • @whosell <item>: Displays a list of vendors selling the item you specified.
  • @whobuy <item>: Displays a list of vendors buying the item you specified.

Party Commands:

  • @changeleader <char name>: Changes the leader of your party (You must be party leader).
  • @showpartybuff: Show your party members current buffs on and off.
  • @showpartylvl: Show your party members current level on and off.
  • @showpartysp: Show your party member current SP on and off.

PvP, BG & WoE Commands:

  • @battleinfo: Shows your kills and deaths information.
  • @pvp <value>: Allows you to enter to specific PVP room.
  • @pvprank: Shows the monthly PVP ranking on the server.
  • @guildskill: Allows you to use Guild Skill via command. Master only.
  • @changegm <char name>: Changes the leader of your guild (You must be guild leader).
  • @joinbg: Join the Battlegrounds queue.
  • @leavebg: Leave the Battlegrounds queue.
  • @leader <char name>: Changes the team leadership to a player of your choice. Leader only.
  • @listenbg: Toggle Battleground announcements on and off.
  • @order <message>: Displays a global message to your Team. Leaders only.
  • @reportafk: Report an afk/idle team members on Battleground.
  • @voteleader <char name>: Nominate a new Leader on your Team on Battleground.

Duel Commands:

  • @duel <char name>: Starts a duel.
  • @accept: Accepts an invitation to a duel.
  • @invite <char name>: Invites a player to a duel.
  • @leave: Leaves a duel.
  • @reject: Rejects an invitation to a duel.

Homunculus & Pets Commands:

  • @pettalk <message>: Makes your pet say a message.
  • @homtalk <message>: Makes your homunculus say a message.
  • @hominfo: Displays information about your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.
  • @homstats: Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.

Misc. Commands:

  • @time: Shows the date and time of the server.
  • @refresh: Refreshes your display. It helps to correct position lag.
  • @request <message>: Sends a message to all connected GMs (via the gm whisper system).
  • @resetchar: Reset your other character position. Convenient when you get stuck/error.
  • @noask: Automatically rejects any deals and invites.
  • @hold: Toggle Hold your current position on and off.
  • @noattack Toggle your Attack abilities on and off.
  • @showdelay: Shows/hides the skill delay notification message.
  • @showexp: Displays/hides experience gained.
  • @showzeny: Displays/hides zeny gained.
  • @jailtime: Show your remaining time in jail.

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